The first impression you give to your customers will be your visual display. For this reason, it is one of the most important things to get right. You want your stall to stand out from competitors and ensure it looks professional.

Display Table

display tableThis is the first thing your customers will see and it is important to capture their attention. You should consider the area you have and what will work best for your product. Universal tips for all stallholders are to ensure tablecloths are clean, ironed and touching the floor. This will allow you to hide any unnecessary packaging, personal belongings or equipment you have bought along with you.

Drawing customers in can be down to using an unusual or interesting centrepiece. This will hopefully stop people in their steps and make them have a closer look at what it is you have to offer.

Use The Area

display standTo help catch someone’s eye, it is helpful to use different heights in your display. This will encourage people to scan around the entire space and not just move on to the next stall. To achieve this, you have the option of using A-frames, T-racks and shelves. These all maximise your display and add visual interest. It is important to capture the customer’s interest and stand out, especially when there are a large number of stalls at the market.

The use of walls will allow for creativity to be unleashed and define your stall from your next-door stallholder.

Price Items Clearly

Ensure all of your products are clearly marked and ensure that you make the aesthetic match the overall theme of your brand. Consider getting them printed and laminated. Your options are endless with pricing your products. You can use tags, stickers or blocks. Sometimes customers may not want to ask for the price and will just move on if the item is not clearly marked.

cupcakes price

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Customers usually like to hold items or try things on before buying, so keep this in mind when you’re designing your stall layout. Do you want customers to be able to easily access all of your goods? Consider placing your lower price point items closer to the front and your more expensive items in elevated and more secure locations.


Branding is such an important part of running any type of business, large or small. Your branding comprises of your logo, colour theme and style. Make sure you have a sign that displays your stalls logo so it is easy for customers to remember your shop’s name. They don’t necessarily need to be professionally printed; it just depends on the type of branding you are going with. Use your creativity and imagination; you can use chalk, paint or even your sewing skills.

Once you have your branding outlined it should make it easier to ensure your stall stands out from the rest and is easily identified. To help strengthen your brand and get more recognition from customers, ensure that your business cards contain the business name, contact number, email address, website and social sites, as many customers might want to buy at a later date.

market crowd

If you are interested in running a stall at Stones Corner Market, please apply here. You can also request a sponsorship package. To find out more, contact us.